Protection (redundant) port

SOX makes your business scale well and without limitation

♦   Improved availability
♦   Increased peak capacity
♦   Protection of access fibre failure
♦   Improved availability improved customer satisfaction

SOX protection port raises availability in our customer’s network, and provides reasonable backup solution for failure of fibre access, equipment failure either in customer or SOX network. For just a fraction of initial port price customer gets new port, either in active-active or active-standby system, improving availability by 3 orders of magnitude, and doubles peak capacity, yet retaining technological superiority. All the biggest SOX customers are happy users of redundant port. Network design, both in metro-area, and in SEE region, comprise at least two independent fibre links from different providers to every POP, we have 2 independently connected and collocated BGP route servers, there are 4 different global route DNS servers, all locations have UPS and diesel-powered power generators.