National Exchange of Internet traffic

SOX is your gateway. SOX makes interconnections easy!

♦   More than 60 Gbps of national Internet traffic
♦   Low latency 1-2ms, low jitter
♦   No packet loss, no transmission errors
♦   Great number of connected and reachable networks
♦   Unlimited capacity
♦   Unique services

National exchange of Internet traffic represents major and dominant SOX service. High availability, extremely low latency of IP packets, and Ethernet frames between SOX customers and partners, Full BGP control over propagation of IP prefixes, are main characteristics of our service. Fast acces of local content on YouTube, Google, Facebook as well as biggest local Internet portals but also presence of 4 (out of 13) different  root DNS sistems . SOX host at least 4 of worlds famous Internet quality measurement systems: RIPE ATLASM-LABS,  BGPlay,  Archipelago. One of our plans also includes creating a network of NTP servers class stratum-1 and stratum-2 as well as a cluster of public DNS servers.