SOX Facts

SOX is an open technological and business platform for interconnection, and cooperation among Telco/Internet operators and content providers

♦   High availability network design
♦   Latest technologies
♦   Modern support and managerial practices
♦   We listen to customer needs
♦   Transparent, and non-discriminatory business policy
♦   Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation

SOX is an Internet Exchange platform, its open rules, transparent procedures, enables high-capacity backbone for Serbian, regional, and International Internet companies, fixed, and mobile telco operators, content providers, gaming companies... SOX is an IXP (Internet Exchange Point), build upon best experiences, and with help of biggest European and world-wide IXPs LINX, DE-CIX, AMSIX. SOX operates under approval of Serbian Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services number 1-01-3450-272/13, issued on 16.04.2010. SOX is an active member of Association of European IXP, EURO-IX.