SOX Facts

SOX is an open technological and business platform for interconnection, and cooperation among Telco/Internet operators and content providers

♦   High availability network design
♦   Latest technologies
♦   Modern support and managerial practices
♦   We listen to customer needs
♦   Transparent, and non-discriminatory business policy
♦   Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation


SOX is for...

SOX is for those living with, and those living for THE INTERNET!

♦   Internet companies
♦   Mobile operators
♦   Fixed operators
♦   Cable operators
♦   Internet Service Providers
♦   Wide public, expert, and scientific community


News & Events

SOX in the news, news @ SOX

♦   Presenting and attending scientific-technological conferences
♦   Active participation at techno forums, and task force
♦   Active participation in Internet Government initiatives
♦   New members


Our Team

Working with you, and for you!

Zoran Perović, M.Sc.E.E. Owner & CEO

Dr Nenad Krajnović, Ph.D.E.E. Owner & CTO

Marta Vukadin, Sales Director Assistant


Serbian Open eXchange

Todora Dukina 78, Belgrade


Phone: +381646118246

Offices: Masarikova 5, 11 floor