Cooperation with content providers

Using SOX will connect you to local and global gaming servers, as well as major social networks!

♦   Google
♦   Youtube
♦   Akamai
♦   Valve (Steam)
♦   Mainstream
♦   KGB Hosting

Having big content providers like Google, Youtube, Akamai, Valve (Steam), Mainstream, KGB Hosting (Counterstrike servers) and vertically integrated Internet service providers connected, represent the ultimate reason for joining SOX. Internet content distributed over SOX 40Gbps backbone enjoy extremely low latency (1 – 2ms), and multiple-homed nodes and non-blocking switching matrix are reason for almost unlimited capacity even in extreme Internet traffic circumstances: big sporting events, software update (Microsoft, Apple), DDoS attacks etc. Regional cooperation makes SOX an ideal partner for content distribution in wider SEE region!!!