Address: Todora Dukina 78
11000 Belgrade

Phone: +381 64 611 82 46,
Preferably email or GSM phone communication

Zoran Perovic resume

22.04.1970. Belgrade, Serbia

Professional experience:
♦   January 2010 – Present, Owner & CEO Serbian Open eXchange (SOX, – Serbian national internet exchange point
♦   November 2008 – Present, Independent Management/Business Consultant
♦   February 2013 – February 2016, Member of the board ccTLD Serbia – RNIDS
♦   September 2013 – September 2015, Special Advisor to the Minister of Culture, Serbian Government
♦   January 2009 – July 2009 General Manager ccTLD Serbia – RNIDS
♦   January – November 2008, Chief Officer International Division / Member of the executive board of directors Telekom Srbija
♦   2005 – 2008, R&D Department Manager International Division Telekom Srbija
♦   2003 – 2005, Business Networks and Technical Assistance Department Manager, Telekom Srbija
♦   2001 – 2002, Telefonija AD Manager of ISP part of the company
♦   2000 Consultant for Ericsson Spain - IP Telephony - support engineer, voice/IP traffic engineer
♦   1997 – 1999 Telekom Srbija, Belgrade, Yugoslavia maintenance of PDH transmission systems, access networks, modem communication system

♦   YU Info ’99: Possible Improvement Of Internet Access In Downtown Belgrade.
♦   YU Info ’99: Possible Improvement Of Internet Access In Suburb Of Belgrade.
♦   IT’ 98: About Video Over ATM (Comparisment Between Video Over IP And Video Over ATM)
♦   YU Info ’98: Issues On Applying RSVP In ATM Environment
♦   Telfor’ 98: The Proposal For Realization Of Computer IP Network In RJ MG Beograd
♦   1998 The Sixteenth Symposium On Novel Technologies In Postal And Telecommunication Traffic (Invited paper):
♦   Telecommunication Services Of An Experimental ATM Network
♦   Telfor’ 97: ATM Over Satellite
♦   Number of articles in Yugoslavia’s leading computer magazines, regarding ATM and multimedia networks in general.

Knowledge of spoken and written English language, passive knowledge of German language, and of all languages spoken in former Yugoslavia.(Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, Macedonian, Bosnian)

♦   2001 – 2008 Various training in management skills, business communications, and balanced score card approach.
♦   1989 – 1997 School of Electrical Engineering University of Belgrade, MScEE, major in telecommunication, special interest in ATM networks. Very wide technical education, both in electrical engineering, and applied telecommunication theory, further improvement in IT. Special interest in multimedia networks, statistics, and therefore in ATM/IP. General and applied knowledge of PC technology, hardware and software.
♦   1984 – 1988 High School, majors in computer programming, active knowledge of COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, PASCAL, LISP, ASSEMBLER, various programming techniques, and solid knowledge in higher mathematics, statistics, probability theory, geometry, trigonometry, complex analysis, mathematical logic.
♦   1976 – 1984 Elementary School, finished with all “A”, number of rewards

Very successful business development in every position. In depth knowledge of South Eastern Europe region telecommunication market and wide network of relevant contacts. Courage to change others and to accept changes. Ability to anticipate and influence telecommunication market activities. Synergy of technology and finance

Excellence in business objectives. Achieving tough goals.

Basketball, Swimming, Biking, Hiking, Tennis, Bowling

Married, wife Tatjana Markovic-Perovic also MScEE. Daughter Lena 17 years old, son Ognjen 15 years old.

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