National Exchange of Internet Traffic

SOX is your gateway. SOX makes interconnections easy!

♦   More than 60 Gbps of national Internet traffic
♦   Low latency 1-2ms, low jitter
♦   No packet loss, no transmission errors
♦   Great number of connected and reachable networks
♦   Unlimited capacity
♦   Unique services


Regional Exchange of Internet Traffic

Take the full advantage SOX presence in major Datacenters in Vienna and Sofia, and increase your customer and partner base!

♦   Easy access to IP networks with more than 100 million end Internet users
♦   Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey, Albania, Greece, Moldavia, Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia
♦   Direct interconnection to VIX, NETIX, B-IX, OM-NIX, T-CIX, AMS-IX
♦   „Historical trade-route“ Istanbul-Vienna


Cooperation with Content Providers

Using SOX will connect you to local and global gaming servers, as well as major social networks!

♦   Youtube
♦   Akamai
♦   Valve (Steam)
♦   Mainstream
♦   KGB Hosting


Protection / Redundant Port

SOX makes your business scale well, and without limitation

♦   Improved availability
♦   Increased peak capacity
♦   Protection of access fibre failure
♦   Improved availability improved customer satisfaction


Private VLAN

Establish Private VPN with other SOX customers in no time, with great security, and performance!

♦   High performance
♦   High security
♦   High availability
♦   Jumbo Frames
♦   Q-in-Q
♦   Suitable for VoIP, HDTV, CCTV